Can Remote Proctoring Help Create Equal Opportunity in Education?

Imagine this: you are a student juggling two part-time jobs just to pay for your degree while also taking courses at your university, or that you are a single parent consistently struggling to make it to class and to testing centers to actually take your exams. Sounds tough, right?

Online education has already managed to solve the problems students might have with its accessible and flexible nature. But there have been some challenges too. Specifically, with the validity of online educational programs and the integrity of their test-takers.

In March 2019, the college admissions scam brought to light a system wide lack of integrity and has demonstrated how bribery and favoritism are plaguing campuses worldwide.

A recent study from a Harvard research group said that at 38 US colleges, more students come from the top 1% of the income scale than the bottom 60%. Moreover, multiple studies year after year have shown that more students admit to cheating in school than not.

These statistics only further validate the ongoing perception that the educational landscape is unjust and unequal. When online education entered the scene it looked like a possible solution to these problems with more and more institutions opening their courses online. This provided more flexibility and more options for students while allowing education to become more accessible.

Unfortunately, there was something missing. It turns out that the existing online learning system is way too easy to cheat. This systematic flaw has lead to a myriad of problems both for institutions and students. The missing piece in online learning is integrity. Integrity is a crucial component to educational equity because it validates student identity and gives everyone an equal opportunity to earn the grade that they deserve. How are institutions able to verify that a student was actually the one taking an exam or that they actually mastered the skills or material required in their online course?

With its robust learning integrity platform, Proctorio seized the opportunity to protect academic integrity in online learning. Institutions that implemented Proctorio have found that it is leveling the playing field for their students as well as holding the institution itself accountable and in turn protecting the value of their online degrees.

Good educational outcomes matter, not only at the individual level–but also on the societal level. By being committed to creating a fair and egalitarian environment, we are making sure that no group of students are left behind and that the same opportunities exist for all regardless of socio-economic status.



Proctorio is more than the world's most advance integrity platform. Our organization is dedicated to expanding human potential and lifting individual achievement.

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