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Anyone who has worked to achieve something in their life knows that educating never stops. And from the time we enter preschool to when our careers are in full force, we are constantly being assessed. When the age of information laid its grip upon our educational institutions, online learning was bornand with itadvanced tools for assessment. 

Creating a system of lifelong learners means leveraging solutions found in higher-ed and applying them to the field of professional development & certification. 

Remote proctoring has changed online learning for students everywhere by making education more accessible and allowing them to take exams wherever they may be. Students aren’t the only ones benefiting from remote proctoring, however. As online education evolves, remote proctoring continues to adapt along side it and professionals are using these solutions to earn certifications and continue to round out their skill sets.

Aside from being costeffective and easy to use, there are several reasons why remote proctoring is useful to professionals who are engaged in lifelong learning: 

More Opportunity 

By adding integrity to online learning, remote proctoring helps advance lifelong learning for everyone. A 2016 survey from the Pew Research Group found that 87% of workers believe that it is essential for them to get training and develop new skills throughout their work life in order to keep up with changes in the workplace. We see this happening in companies like Microsoft, where exams are issued to the employees so they can earn certifications to help them excel in their career. Additionally, more and more companies offer compensation for continuing education as part of their benefits package. 

Professionals who round out their skill sets will only create more opportunity for themselves as life long learners whether they plan to grow within a company or travel to where the grass is greener.


While trying to manage a work-life balance, it’s hard for many professionals to even imagine having the time to continue their education or earn the necessary certifications for their career. 

Remote proctoring solutions enable professionals to take their exams from locations other than physical institutionsremoving geography as a barrier to professional development. Many even prefer to take exams while traveling or in between a busy schedule. 

Live with Integrity

Every professional wants to stay competitive, but not at the cost of sacrificing their virtues. The upside of educating oneself on an even playing field is feeling proud to have legitimately earned a new skill. Professionals will live graciously with integrity and earn more respect in the workplace when they know that their competence is truly valid & well deserved. Remote proctoring services like Proctorio help lay the groundwork for integrity in lifelong learning.

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